Wastewater Treatment

Biological Package sewage treatment plant; systems which are more suitable for low-populated areas such as touristic enterprises, summer areas, construction sites, housing estates, industrial facilities and factories. Produced in different sizes as steel tanks, the package treatment system is easily mobile.

Conventional Systems; In the case where the treatment of waste water in the industrial processes of production facilities is insufficient in the biological treatment facilities, the waste water treatment plant of the waste water should be subjected to chemical treatment. The most appropriate method is determined according to the results of analysis in the laboratory before chemical treatment. Backwash pool, sand filter, plate settling, slow – rapid mixing processes are chemical units.

AAP waste water and acid pumps, diffusers, blowers, control systems, dosing pumps, static and rotary sieve, mechanical grating, vertical and horizontal national aerator, mixer, stationary and rotary scraper, filter press, reaction tank, diffuser, such as oil holder also supplies water treatment plant equipment.

MBBR (Mobile BIO Reactor) System; For industrial plants and domestic wastewater treatment works, they are applicable methods in the existing structure. In order to achieve biological improvement, a large number of special bio carriers are used to form a large surface. Cost effective economic system in new housing plans.